Patient Education

Back to School!

It's that magical time of year where our children are returning to school. September also marks a time to kickstart our routine. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has established a guideline pertaining to physical activity and kids:

In summary:

  • Children require 30-60 minutes of exercise, PER DAY - EVERY DAY ! What better way to influence the behaviour of our children then to be a role model. Scientific studies support that the fitness habits of moms in particular, regardless of the gender of the child, has the greatest impact positive or negative on children's physical activity level.  So moms - get out and join your children on a bike ride, playground play, hopskotch!
  • Children should not play through pain. If your child complains of pain consult your pediatrician. Musculoskeltal pain is a common reason to visit the pediatrician. Spinal pain, knee pain, muscle and joint pain are common musculoskeltal complaints amongst children, and for the most part, resolvable through alterining biomechanics, exercise or manual therapy treatment like massage.
  • A healthy diet is also an integral component of staying healthy!