Patient Education



The Physio & Massage Institute Ltd. was founded to provide expert care in the areas of manual therapy and exercise. Both Physical Therapists and RMT’s provide manual therapy which refers to hands on tissue mobilization, including deep and superficial massage, active and passive muscle release techniques, spinal release techniques and joint mobilization.

 Our commitment to you is to provide a superior therapeutic experience. This means professional, educated, experienced therapists, who utilize techniques that are clinically proven to alleviate pain and musculoskeletal injury.  We offer a team of professionals who are passionate about their respective fields and continually expand their knowledge as science evolves.

Physical Therapists with this designation employ hands on techniques to affect the muscle-tendon-connective tissue interface and are considered experts in their field.

Rigorous scientific data substantiates the effectiveness of manual therapy for numerous conditions including spinal pain, headaches and sports injuries.

Physical Therapist's treat a multitude of conditions.  Please consult the Injuries & Conditions tab at the top right corner to become familiar with anatomy, physiology and treatment strategies for a multitude of conditions.