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Acupuncture & Cancer

Acupuncture and Cancer

Science has substantiated that acupuncture works by moderating the nervous system.  Functional or real-time MRI scans of the brain indicate that acupuncture alters functional brain activity.  Acupuncture increases opioid production, the synthesis of our body’s natural pain fighting chemical. This renders acupuncture ideal for a cancer patient who may be sensitive to medication or not wanting to endure further side effects from pharmacological treatment.


Acupuncture is most widely used in oncology to treat the symptoms or side effects caused by cancer treatment enabling cancer patients to have a better quality of life. 


Clinical trials have substantiated that acupuncture is effective for the cancer patient to treat pain, nausea and vomiting, hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety and depression and insomnia.


The use of acupuncture amongst cancer patients has successfully reduced the usage of analgesics. It has been identified that pain amongst cancer patients is inadequately managed by analgesic medication. Acupuncture may be successful for this type of pain and has fewer side-effects. Orthopaedic problems often co-exist with a cancer diagnosis.  Clinical trial shave revealed that acupuncture effective reduces pain from spinal conditions, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain and dental pain amongst this patient group.